Introducing Sounds of Change



When everything has been said

or if nothing can be said

because it’s too difficult to speak

then there is still always music


Music is the freedom to express yourself

Music is the freedom to be who you are

Everyone has that right

but not everyone has access to it

That has to change. Preferably today.


This is our sound: Sounds of Change


We move around the hotbed of the Middle East, in conflict areas, refugee camps, devastated cities. Or in other places in the world, nearby or far away, where poverty and tornness reigns; everywhere where communal feelings are eroded by great violence and other social issues. 

Housing and education are difficult. 
Many people are traumatised. 
Hatred is the order of the day.
Radicalisation is lying in wait.

What we have with us: a bag of toys, simple instruments, drumsticks, anything you can find to make sound.
We also have an indestructible faith in the power of music. And in the already present potential of people. 

We strive to strengthen the community from within by connecting to the present power and abilities they have. We use music to search for a way to get acces to the potential inside of them. So they can raise their voice as individuals and as a community. 

Creating your own music stimulates self-awareness and group forming. By making your own song, you can develop your identity and rediscover the feeling that you belong somewhere. And the realisation that you form a group gives a sense of security. These cultural resources will help them to be more resilient. 

Music is the message that hope exists. You can’t live without it.
Music connects people and enables them to share their hope.