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11 January 2018

When everything has been said

or nothing is being said because it's just too hard to say out loud

there is music.

Meet Hashem Kabreet

22 December 2017

Meet Hashem Kabreet and his message to the World

Hashem is an actor, musician and trainer with Sounds of Change


Certificate of Excellence

01 November 2017

We are very proud with the Certificate of Excellence that Ranka Radulovic gaves us.

Dr Ranka Radulovic is psychiatrist and music therpaist, she invited Sounds of Change to do a training with a diverse group of psychiatrists, music therapists, musicians and music teachers. We had a great week and we are happy with our certificate <3


Training in Nahr el Bared (Lebanon)

09 October 2017

On august we conducted in co-creation with Mishwar a training for a group of Palestinian youngsters from Nahr el Bared

Training at Ruwwad centre in Tripoli

21 September 2017

Hashem Kabreet and Lucas Dols trained a group of employees from the NGO's Ruwwad and Seed, at the Ruwwad office in Tripoli

Welcome Hashem Kabreet, our new Sounds of Change Trainer :)

07 September 2017

Hashem and Lucas started working together in 2016. After following some of the Sound of Change trainings, Hashem is now a trainer himself. Hashem lives in Beirut (Lebanon) and is setting up the Sounds of Change Lebanon department  :)

Sounds of Change benefit concert was sold-out!

12 June 2017

Sounds of Change organised an evening in the beautiful Paradiso (Amsterdam). 45 musicians met each other in preparation of this evening and it was a big success, we sold out the venue :)

Sounds of Change at the national TV show PAUW

28 May 2017

Caro Emerald and Blaudzun were invited to explain why they are participating in the Sound of Change benefit evening on the 7th of June. They talked about SOC, the power of music and we played the arabic version of A Night Like This.

Great Line-Up in Paradiso, 7th of June

11 May 2017

Check this amazing line-up, all these artists are performing together on this benefit concert for Sounds of Change in Paradiso, the 7th of June. For tickets, please visit the website of Paradiso

Great Jam at Lesbos

30 April 2017

Marijn Korff de Gidts and Lucas Dols went to Lesbos to train and support a group of Greek music teachers, who work with the children in refugee camp Kara Tepe.

Benefit concert for Sounds of Change, 7th of June in Paradiso, Amsterdam

11 March 2017


The first benefit evening for Sounds of Change was a big succes, with a sold out Paradiso :)

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Women Now

27 February 2017

Finished training 17 teachers and facilitators from SAWA, Women Now and Basmeh & Zeitooneh. Bekaa, Lebanon

Bekaa, training at Women Now office

27 February 2017

Lucas Dols just finished a training with 17 teachers and facilitators from the NGO's SAWA, Women Now and Basmeh & Zeitooneh in Bekaa, Lebanon

Finished the workshops in Istanbul

17 February 2017

After a great workshop week, we finished the workshops in Istabul. Such a lovely, motivated, energetic and musical team. See you all next time :)

Leaving to Turkey

05 February 2017

Boomwhackers, shakers, horns, kazoo's, sticks, ukele, darbuka: Packing our stuff for a new training in Istanbul/Turkey. We will start a new training with 21 participants, who work with children in Turkisch refugee camps, or are about to start doing this.

Music Workshop Leaders training Athens

22 January 2017

We just finished the first music workshop leaders training in Athens, what a lovely team.

The week was full of surprises, improvisation and positive energy.  It was great to work with the Jafra (refugees for refugees) team, See you next time!!!

Training Women Now, Basmeh & Zeitooneh and SAWA

31 December 2016

Lucas started a new music workshop leaders training, in Chtaura, Bekaa, Lebanon. 20 partcipants from Women Now, Basmeh & Zeitooneh and SAWA.


Christmas in Bekaa, Lebanon

30 December 2016

Celebrating Christmas with 150 children from various settlements in the Bekaa valley. We sang songs, danced, decorated cookies, created paper snow flakes, painted faces and much more.

working with Salam in Bekaa

25 December 2016

In the period around Christmas, I facilitated a training with the volunteers of Salam and a group of children from the refugee settlements. In between I was able to help out with the food, fuel and cloth distributions in the various settlements (700 in total, only in the Bekaa valley). On the day of this picture, we distributed food and fuel to 400 families, to last them for at least a month. Merry Christmas!!!

Lucas Dols on his way to Lebanon

18 December 2016

Lucas Dols on his way to Lebanon, starting a new training in the Bekkaa valley.

Together with the NGO's Basmeh & Zeitooneh and Salam, Lucas will facilitate two weeks of workshops with volunteers, teachers and aid workers in refugee camps in Bekkaa and Beirut.