Team of Trainers

Lucas Dols

founder, musician, trainer, workshop leader

Lucas Dols started the Sounds of Change Foundation in 2016

With 15 years experience as a professional musician, community music workshop leader and trainer for several (international) organisations, Lucas is committed to bringing music, and all the competencies that music can teach, to children and those who work with them in (ex) conflict area's.

Music is a proven springboard and a very powerful tool to heal the emotional wounds of war, boost creativity and stimulate compassionate communication. These essential life skills and competencies will enable children to engage and connect with their communities and build trust and confidence to work in groups and collaborate on plans and projects.



Together with a group of music and creative professionals, Lucas has delivered workshops in Palestine, Jordan, Ukraine, Greece, Lebanon, Rwanda, Tanzania, the Netherlands, Turkey and India.



Lucas studied Double Bass and Bassguitar at the conservatory of Amsterdam and played in several pop and jazz groups, including Room Eleven, Tin Men and the Telephone, Miss Molly & me, Lilian Hak, Renske Taminau.


In the following movie at Tedx Arnhem, Lucas explains the choices he made in his life:


Doctor with music

Lucas dreamt about working for Doctors without Borders, since he was 12 years old. Then music crossed his path and this new passion brought him to many beautiful places. He never thought that he would find a way to combine these two big passions, but starting the Sounds of Change foundation has made it possible.

More information about Lucas as a bassplayer and social entrepreneur on his personal website:  Lucas Dols



Amnesty International - 4 weeks for freedom (4 weeks project in campaigning)

Musicians without Borders(workshop leader/trainer)

Fort van de Verbeelding (workshop leader in community music projects)

Kobranie (workshop leader, music improvisation with conducting/processing signs)



Lucas worked with Musicians without Borders, Basmeh & Zeitooneh, Dutch Police Force, Unicef, Salam, Women Now, Nachtlab, Amnesty International, Warchild, Music & Beyond, Karuna Sechen, SAWA, Syrious Mission and Chance to Dance.


Lucas' education

- Bachelor in Music (double bass and bassguitar)

- Knowmads International Business school (Social entrepreneurship, sustainablity and change facilitation)

- Trained in Non Violent Communication (basic, advanced and intermediate courses)

- Teacher training in Rots & Water/Rock & Water) (psycho-physical selfdefense)

- Trained in Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution

- Trained by the Papageno stichting (working in education with "Special Needs")

- Teacher training in Kobranie (music improvisation with directing/processing signs)


As a musician Lucas worked with: Room Eleven, Yuri Honing, Benjamin Herman, Orkater, Kris Berry, Simone White, Typhoon, Qeaux Qeaux Joans, Tin Men and the Telephone.