Positive role models

We use music to help people develop into positive role models in the community. The world needs strong community builders in order to encourage social change. The aim is to improve the quality-of-life where that is urgently necessary, directed by these strong role models.

Long-term impact

We stand for careful cooperation with organisations which, just like themselves, also want the impact to remain visible in the long-term.

Our focus

The organisation was founded in 2017 with the aim to find and train the role models for the future – the new community leaders.

We have acquired unique experience in the Middle East. We want to capitalise on that experience and expertise in the coming years, both there and in the Netherlands, and in conflict zones on other continents. Everywhere, you can find communities which have an urgent need to strengthen the feelings of togetherness and harmony, which need to be injected again with creativity, self-expression and reflection.

Our team has worked for the past four years in various countries and gained experience in how great the power of music can be in dislocated surroundings. We have worked in conflict areas with divided communities, with victims of violence, people suffering trauma and with school systems that do not cater for the needs of children.

During their work in these different places, we discovered that creative music processes can have a transformative effect. Slowly but surely, people start daring to express themselves and really start listening to each other. They discover new ideas and dare to present them. Music helps to connect, make people feel safe and creates a lot of fun. In the creative music process, we use improvisational exercises from where people step by step start to compose their own song. As a result, people take responsibility for what they make together. This gives a feeling of autonomy. You see the glitter in their eyes, the enormous motivation to create their own music. They dare to investigate and cross their own boundaries and feel pride with every step they make.